01.09.2007 - Milestone 4 released!!

Now finally M4 is all ready to use. Look in the download section to find it!

22.08.2006 - Milestone 2 released!!

Now Milestone 2 ist finished. We will start working on M3 from now on. Have fun with this game!

18.08.2006 - Milestone 2 Final on Tuesday

The Final release of Milestone 2 will be on Tuesday. After that we will start working von Milestone 3. If you can not wait for it, you can download the current svn version.

08.08.2006 - M2 Release Candidate 1 published

Milestone 2 is almost finished. If there are changes neede, they will be small.
We hope you have fun with it.

05.07.2006 - M2 Beta 1 published

Milestone 2 has now alle wisched features: a fillbar, that shows you how the shelfes are filled; load&save support; several difficulties; a dialog with the game-options; etc.

16.06.2006 - Milestone 1- Final released

Now we have finished working for Milestone 1 and we can start working on Milestone 2. Have fun with playing.

08.06.2006 - M1 Release Candidate 1 published

Today, we finished the working on the first release. We hope RC1 will be good enough to work on Milestone 2. See in the Download-section for the download.

28.05.2006 - M1 Beta1 published

Today, Milestone 1 beta 1, our first public release, has been published! Look here for packages.


Now we've got space on SourceForge for our project and we are able to publish our homepage. Hopefully, there will be the first beta of M1 availible for download soon too.

For published releases or the current development-version look in the download-section.