Welcome on the official Shopping-ManaJer homepage

Here you find all the information on our game and of course the download-possibilities.

Shopping-ManaJer is a simulation in which you have to manage a supermarket That means you have to build up shelves, fill them with products, set the prices, look after the stuf, buy new area if necessary, ... . Jolly your costumers along, otherwise they will search a new supermarket.

To reach all this goals we develop so called milestones. As soon as all goals of a milestone are reached, the games comes into the milestone-beta-phase where bugs are searched and fixed and in the beta phase also optical fine cross sections are made. If this phase is over, this milestone is ready to be published. Beta-snapshots (a copy of the code of a certain point of development) are offered for voluntary supporters to be able to search for bugs so they can help to fasten the development.
As soon as a milestone is ready, the jobs for the next one are begone. So the game is becoming more and more complete from milestone to milestone.

Look in the download-secction for published releases and the current svn-version.